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What our customers are saying:

Online submission: Penny L.

"I have special needs and pets. Maidtopia has been reliable and thorough and follows directions well. I love having the same two cleaners who know the house and my situation too. Thank you!"


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There was a scheduling issue on my end that I paid for, and then a late arrival on the company's end, which was no fault of the cleaner they sent. Ellie made it right by giving me a deep cleaning service upgrade, and Francisca did an excellent job with the cleaning. Above and beyond. While there were issues, I can say now that I would use maidtopia again and recommend them to others.

Email submission: Christian S.


"First, I wanted to say that the woman who cleaned for us yesterday (for the first time - using a Groupon) did a FANTASTIC job! She went above and beyond our request and I cannot believe she did all that housework in 3 hours!"

Email Submission Sarah L.

"Reyna was amazing. She arrived at my home a little early, which was great. I gave her a big list thinking that she wouldn't finish all of it in the 3 hours, but she finished it ..."

Email Submission Jessica F.



"I have been very pleased with your cleaning services. Thanks for all you do to help busy families!! I was very excited to come home to a clean oven one week! Woohoo "

Online Submission Melissa W.


"I just wanted to let you know that Elena did an AMAZING job cleaning my apartment. I am very impressed! Her attention to detail is above and beyond, and my place is spotless! I will definitely use her again! I will tell you that a while back I got another voucher from a different cleaning service. It was supposed to be a DETAILED cleaning, and the cost was almost twice as much as your deal was. I was terribly disappointed with that service. Not only did Elena do a MUCH better job, but it also did cost me and arm and a leg for a so-so cleaning. Thank you and thank Elena"

Online Submission Shanti V


"I selected Maidtopia based on their excellent ratings in Angie's List. I scheduled an initial deep cleaning. I was not disappointed in the least. Elizabeth was right on time and went straight to work. She had thoroughly cleaned my house in 3 hours. Also, she was very friendly and completely professional. I'm looking forward to continuing with the regular service that I've scheduled"

Online Submission Tom K


"My family began using Maidtopia June 2013. Their communications, service and follow up is consistently excellent. Great Value and Quality Experience in Every Aspect"

Online Submission Bill H.


"We absolutely love Maidtopia and have used them for about 9 months now. I used to stay home when our maid would come (because my schedule allowed it)... yesterday was the first time I want there. How awesome is it to come home to a clean house! Everything was perfect! They cleaned around our yappy dogs as well. I'd recommend Maidtopia to anyone and everyone"

Online Submission Kristin G.


"I contacted Maidtopia for their full make ready service because I was about to put my home on the market. My home has been described as sparkling clean! I was very pleased with the service"

Online Submission Elizabeth G.


"I signed up for the Angie's List special and loved the service. Thereafter I requested one of the ladies in particular, because she was a cleaning machine. Although she no longer works there, her replacement is even better! They don't pry into personal business, they don't dawdle, they are professional and they clean every surface they see. They arrive ON TIME, every time. I really am quite amazed that I'm impressed---I tend to be demanding"

From our online Angie's List Review - Karen W.


"i hired MAIDTOPIA from an Angie's List Big Deal for three hours of housecleaning for $75.00. one person came and cleaned my 1480 sq. ft. home. it took her just under three hours. we just moved into a new home in a new neighborhood and i was looking for a new cleaning service. i felt that the previous company we were using was too expensive, as we live on a fixed income. i saw two Angie's List Big Deals being offered. the first company (not Maidtopia) came out to assess my home and give me an ongoing price for after the Big Deal was over. because my home is tiled except in the bedrooms, she said she would have to charge extra for twice the work (first vacuuming, then mopping). although the Angie's List Big Deal was a good value, the ongoing once a month price would be too much. then, i saw Maidtopia's Big Deal for three hours of cleaning for $75. i called to set up an appointment. they did not need to come assess the home first, and they told me that if i can"

From our online Angie's List Review - Dee V.


"Maidtopia was very professional. I understood the services/special offered. They called me ahead of time and showed up when they said they would. My house is immaculate and I am very happy! I will use them again. I emailed Maidtopia that I wanted to use my Angie's List deal. They responded within 24 hours and it all went like clockwork from there. I am very happy with the job, the professionalism and communication."

From our online Angie's List Review - Kathleen W.


"One person arrived on time and she was very pleasant. She reviewed what I wanted done, since this was for 3 hours only, and we made a list of the priorities in case there wasn't enough time for everything. The work was excellent and thorough. We have pets and I'm physically limited which means some things don't get done as often as would be helpful. We put the pets in a separate room out of the way, but she also had to work around me working at home. Everything went smoothly. She just let me know when she was ready to clean my office and I took a break. I already set up another appointment for cleaning before Christmas."

From our online Angie's List Review - Penny L.”


"Purchased Big Deal for 4 hours of cleaning by one person. The person assigned to my job arrived exactly on time and did an amazing amount of work in the time allotted. I wanted someone to help do a cleaning prior to my moving into my new (to me) house and she did a great job - dusted lots of annoying blinds, fans, etc. Cleaned bathroom/kitchen surfaces. Vacuumed/Mopped/etc. Given that this was a Big Deal purchase I was impressed by the amount of work they did for me. The person that was sent was very nice, responsive to my requests and did a thorough job. I don't use a regular cleaning service, but I would call them again if I needed someone to come out."

From our Angie's List Review - EMK

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