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Maidtopia Cleaning Services is customer oriented; customer service and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We also believe our customers are the only ones that can convey the integrity and overall service satisfaction. Here are some reviews our customers have left us. Don't forget to checkout our Facebook Page or Thumbtack profile for more information. If you would like to share a review for our website, please email service@maidtopia.com.

After each cleaning, we invite our customer to share about their experience with Maidtopia Cleaning Services. We do keep all information private and the testimonials that are shared have been approved by the customer whom submitted it.

Quotes Because I wanted a specific date and time at someone else's home, it was a little tricky to get it all set up - but in the end, the manager of Maidtopia kindly sent over THREE maids at a later hour than when they would usually start, so that my friend, the owner would be home and the cleaning would be finished in time for the employees to get home in time as usual. I thought that was very thoughtful! As I said, this was a present to a friend of mine, so I did not actually observe the cleaning processes, but my friend was delighted. Quotes
From our Angie's List Reviews - Nancy L.

Quotes Two cleaners arrived on time and accomplished exactly what I asked them to do. It was not a usual job but a preparation of the house for sale. My wooden cabinets and white trim in the master bathroom and kitchen look really nice and ready for a buyer's inspection. They did more than I asked them to do, to my surprise. I would highly recommend MAIDTOPIA to anyone who needs excellent cleaning work. It was a very professional job and I would use them again. Quotes
From our Angie's List Reviews - Joan M.

Quotes I purchased an Angie's List deal for a deep cleaning of the kitchen, 3 bathrooms and living room. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the nice lady who performed the work. She was very courteous, punctual and thorough. I am very happy with the job she did, the bathrooms are sparkling!! Thank you, Maidtopia! Quotes
From our Angie's List Reviews - Laura P.

Quotes Cleaned both our kitchen, living room, both bathrooms, and also our master bedroom. Fantastic. They did extra work beyond what they'd promised. They were super. I'd recommend to anyone! Quotes
From our Angie's List Review - Joseph L.

Quotes Found a deal posted through Angie's List for $75 that included cleaning kitchen, up to 3 bathrooms, hallway, and living room. General vacuuming/sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping surfaces, emptying trash, etc. Also loading dishwasher, cleaning exterior of appliances plus interior of microwave. Our maid was punctual and efficient. I was in the home most of this time she was working and can attest to this, though the results would speak for themselves. We have nearly 4,000 sq. feet incld. 3 full bathrooms & large kitchen so it's a lot to keep up with even when our family of six all pitches in. The specified areas were well-cleaned (including a "boys' bathroom" and another shared by two teen girls) with sparkling glass showers and hotel-style folded towels. Beyond this, the maid exceeded my expectations. She cleaned our great room which opens to the kitchen instead of doing the small formal parlor which I had expected to be deemed the "living room" included in the deal I purchased. Quotes
From our Angie's List Reviews - Susan M.

Quotes I have used many cleaning services but none compare to Maidtopia. I used their services for about two years & only recently stopped because I retired & started cleaning the house myself. I have started back to work & will probably be calling them soon to start up again. You will not be sorry if you use this company. Great experience overall. Quotes
From our Angie's List Reviews - Sue M.

Quotes Very diligent & even went above and beyond by cleaning areas I'd not expected. Great 1st impression that will keep us coming back! Quotes
From our Online Survey - Susan M.

Quotes I could not be happier with the service provided. They worked around their schedule to get our home scheduled and ready for the new buyers. This freed us up to move on to our new home. The house looked brand new when they finished. Quotes
From out Online Survey - Jo

Quotes I feel very comfortable for the cleaner to work in my home. She does an excellent job. I love coming home to a clean house...I smile when I walk in the door. Much thanks to her. Quotes
From our Online Survey - Sammie

Quotes I just wanted to tell you how ecstatic I was that our regular maid was still available to do our housecleaning! She came back for the first time yesterday and true to form, my house was spotless! She?s wonderful! Quotes
From our Online Survey - Cindy