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Maidtopia Cleaning Services is customer oriented; customer service and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We also believe our customers are the only ones that can convey the integrity and overall service satisfaction. Here are some reviews our customers have left us. Don't forget to checkout our Facebook Page or Thumbtack profile for more information. If you would like to share a review for our website, please email service@maidtopia.com.

After each cleaning, we invite our customer to share about their experience with Maidtopia Cleaning Services. We do keep all information private and the testimonials that are shared have been approved by the customer whom submitted it.

Quotes i hired MAIDTOPIA from an Angie's List Big Deal for three hours of housecleaning for $75.00. one person came and cleaned my 1480 sq. ft. home. it took her just under three hours. we just moved into a new home in a new neighborhood and i was looking for a new cleaning service. i felt that the previous company we were using was too expensive, as we live on a fixed income. i saw two Angie's List Big Deals being offered. the first company (not Maidtopia) came out to assess my home and give me an ongoing price for after the Big Deal was over. because my home is tiled except in the bedrooms, she said she would have to charge extra for twice the work (first vacuuming, then mopping). although the Angie's List Big Deal was a good value, the ongoing once a month price would be too much. then, i saw Maidtopia's Big Deal for three hours of cleaning for $75. i called to set up an appointment. they did not need to come assess the home first, and they told me that if i con Quotes
From our online Angie's List Review - Dee V.

Quotes Maidtopia was very professional. I understood the services/special offered. They called me ahead of time and showed up when they said they would. My house is immaculate and I am very happy! I will use them again. I emailed Maidtopia that I wanted to use my Angie's List deal. They responded within 24 hours and it all went like clockwork from there. I am very happy with the job, the professionalism and communication. Quotes
From our online Angie's List Review - Kathleen W.

Quotes One person arrived on time and she was very pleasant. She reviewed what I wanted done, since this was for 3 hours only, and we made a list of the priorities in case there wasn't enough time for everything. The work was excellent and thorough. We have pets and I'm physically limited which means some things don't get done as often as would be helpful. We put the pets in a separate room out of the way, but she also had to work around me working at home. Everything went smoothly. She just let me know when she was ready to clean my office and I took a break. I already set up another appointment for cleaning before Christmas. Quotes
From our online Angie's List Review - Penny L.

Quotes Purchased Big Deal for 4 hours of cleaning by one person. The person assigned to my job arrived exactly on time and did an amazing amount of work in the time allotted. I wanted someone to help do a cleaning prior to my moving into my new (to me) house and she did a great job - dusted lots of annoying blinds, fans, etc. Cleaned bathroom/kitchen surfaces. Vacuumed/Mopped/etc. Given that this was a Big Deal purchase I was impressed by the amount of work they did for me. The person that was sent was very nice, responsive to my requests and did a thorough job. I don't use a regular cleaning service, but I would call them again if I needed someone to come out. Quotes
From our Angie's List Review - EMK

Quotes Maidtopia sent two maids to our home to perform a basic cleaning of the entire house. The maids were professional and efficient. They took care of details and surprised us with washing a few dishes we'd left in the sink and folding some towels! Quotes
From our Angie's List Review - Jill M.

Quotes Worker cleaned my house very well. Did everything i asked, including cleaning all the fans. Very nice girl. would definitely ask to have her back out. went very well. she did not do a rush cleaning job like i've had in the past. she was very methodical and thorough. Quotes
From our Angie's List Review - Lynda S.

Quotes I had a thorough 'deep cleaning' done for my 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home. Services included sweeping, mopping, vacuuming the floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms (toilets and showers/tubs), and cleaning the kitchen - sinks, countertops, inside microwave. It was very easy to make arrangements for the service and I was provided with several options for cleaning services. They were able to schedule the housecleaning within the timeframe that I needed. Two ladies arrived on time and worked for a little over 3 hours cleaning all of my home, in accordance with the written agreement that the company emailed to me prior to the service date. They were very pleasant and professional. Quotes
From our Angie's List Review - Nancy C.

Quotes I used a coupon to get Maidtopia's deep clean, which included: 1. All Rooms: Dust window sills, ledges and wall hangings, dust & clean furniture, remove cobwebs, clean light switches, clean TV screens, pick up and straighten, vacuum carpeting, empty wastebaskets, dust mini-blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, sweep entryway, clean glass patio door, sweep and mop floors. 2. Bathrooms: Clean and disinfect toilets, tubs and showers, clean sinks and counters, clean mirrors and polish chrome, change towels (if left for us), sweep and mop floors. 3. Kitchen: Clean and sanitize sinks, polish chrome, wipe down countertops and cabinets, clean appliances exteriors, load dishwasher (if empty), clean inside microwave, sweep & mop floors. The cleaning was very thorough, my wife said she had never seen a cleaning service (maid) do such a great job. Buy a coupon first, they have them quite frequently. Everybody throughout the whole process was great, very polite and professional and on time. Quotes
From our Angie's List Review - Kevin M.

Quotes This was an Angie's Special Deal that included deep cleaning of the bathroom kitchen, and the living room. I have two bathrooms, and I was surprised to find they they cleaned both of them. The two women who arrived were professional, though they did not speak much English. The quality of the work they did was outstanding. I think my stove was cleaner than it's ever been since I bought my home -- there was great attention to detail. The BEST housecleaning services I've ever used, so I will surely be calling them again to clean my home, as necessary. Quotes
From our Angie's List Review - Sandra M.

Quotes the two workers I contracted for the three hours arrived as scheduled and on time. They got right to work and did all the cleaning described above. I needed them for an extra hour and was charged 1/3 the price of the original three hours for each. Thus they extended the coupon price for the extra hour. They did an excellent job and I am very satisfied with them. I will definitely use them again as needed. Quotes
From our Angie's List Reviews - Jim F.