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Maidtopia Cleaning Services is customer oriented; customer service and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We also believe our customers are the only ones that can convey the integrity and overall service satisfaction. Here are some reviews our customers have left us. Don't forget to checkout our Facebook Page or Thumbtack profile for more information. If you would like to share a review for our website, please email [email protected]

After each cleaning, we invite our customer to share about their experience with Maidtopia Cleaning Services. We do keep all information private and the testimonials that are shared have been approved by the customer whom submitted it.

Quotes Reyna was amazing. She arrived at my home a little early, which was great. I gave her a big list thinking that she wouldn't finish all of it in the 3 hours, but she finished it all early and then did some extras that I didn't ask for! I was so impressed. She was so quick at cleaning things that would have taken me all day to clean. She even added little touches like turning the toilet paper into a rose after she cleaned the bathrooms. I was so impressed with her. Very professional and kept asking if I was SURE I didn't want her to do anything else. I will definitely use Reyna and Maidtopia again! Quotes
Email Submission Jesica F.

Quotes I have nothing but good things to say. My lady was super. She had only 3 hours to clean my big house and she got the whole thing done just in time. She did a super job at cleaning my house. I would like to hire Maidtopia for my house cleaning. Not only was my lady super but the staff was also very helpful and courteous. There not one thing I can think of that I would change about my experience with Maidtopia. Quotes
Online Submission Connie N.

Quotes I have been very pleased with your cleaning services. Thanks for all you do to help busy families!! I was very excited to come home to a clean oven one week! Woohoo Quotes
Online Submission Melissa W.

Quotes Just WOW! I have never had a cleaning company clean my home before and honestly I felt guilty for not finding time to just get it done myself. But then I realized that the stress of not getting to it versus the guilt was by far the lesser of the two evils. So my boss told me about MaidTopia and I finally made the call! From scheduling the service to coming home to a spotless house was just almost an emotional experience. The care and quality of the clean was far better than the price. I was not expecting it to be sooo amazing! I am so thankful for the experience and most of all the time that I got back by this service. Thank you so much! Quotes
Online Submission Tabbatha C

Quotes I just wanted to let you know that Elena did an AMAZING job cleaning my apartment. I am very impressed! Her attention to detail is above and beyond, and my place is spotless! I will definitely use her again! I will tell you that a while back I got another voucher from a different cleaning service. It was supposed to be a DETAILED cleaning, and the cost was almost twice as much as your deal was. I was terribly disappointed with that service. Not only did Elena do a MUCH better job, but it also did cost me and arm and a leg for a so-so cleaning. Thank you and thank Elena Quotes
Online Submission Shanti V

Quotes I selected Maidtopia based on their excellent ratings in Angie's List. I scheduled an initial deep cleaning. I was not disappointed in the least. Elizabeth was right on time and went straight to work. She had thoroughly cleaned my house in 3 hours. Also, she was very friendly and completely professional. I'm looking forward to continuing with the regular service that I've scheduled. Quotes
Online Submission Tom K

Quotes My family began using Maidtopia June 2013. Their communications, service and follow up is consistently excellent. Great Value and Quality Experience in Every Aspect. Quotes
Online Submission Bill H.

Quotes We absolutely love Maidtopia and have used them for about 9 months now. I used to stay home when our maid would come (because my schedule allowed it)... yesterday was the first time I want there. How awesome is it to come home to a clean house! Everything was perfect! They cleaned around our yappy dogs as well. I'd recommend Maidtopia to anyone and everyone! Quotes
Online Submission Kristin G.

Quotes I contacted Maidtopia for their full make ready service because I was about to put my home on the market. My home has been described as sparkling clean! I was very pleased with the service. Quotes
Online Submission Elizabeth G.

Quotes I signed up for the Angie's List special and loved the service. Thereafter I requested one of the ladies in particular, because she was a cleaning machine. Although she no longer works there, her replacement is even better! They don't pry into personal business, they don't dawdle, they are professional and they clean every surface they see. They arrive ON TIME, every time. I really am quite amazed that I'm impressed---I tend to be demanding. Quotes
From our online Angie's List Review - Karen W.
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