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Kitchen, Bath, Living Room Combo
Or also known as the 
Expecting Mommy's Helping Hand
Featured at
The Big Baby Bash & Family Jam - June 05, 2016

Included in the package is the Kitchen, Bath & Living Room Combo:

Clean and sanitize sinks, polish chrome, wipe down counter tops and cabinets, clean appliances exteriors, load dishwasher (if empty), clean inside microwave, sweep & mop floors.

Bathrooms (up to 3 bathrooms):  Clean and disinfect toilets, tubs and showers, clean sinks and counters, clean mirrors and polish chrome, change towels (if left for us), sweep and mop floors.

Living Room and in covered Rooms:
Dust window sills, ledges and wall hangings, remove cobwebs, clean light switches, pick up and straighten, vacuum carpeting, dust furniture, empty wastebaskets, dust mini-blinds, ceiling fans, clean baseboards, sweep and mop floors.

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