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Frequent question on how to prepare for the before our arrivalal, what our terms of service are, or are there any additional fees. Your question will never go unanswered. Here is some information to help with preparing for the services that are available to you. If there is a question we have not answered, please do not hesitate to call (512) 619-5237.

Maid Service FAQ

  1. What are Terms and Conditions?

    By requesting Maidtopia Cleaning Services to provide a service, we agree to comply with the Terms & Conditions; your signature is not required. Should you have any questions, please contact us at (512) 619-5237.

  2. Is Maidtopia Cleaning Services Bonded and Insured?

    Maidtopia Cleaning Services is bonded and insured for your protection. We care for your home, however, if damange or a breakage should occur during the cleaning services, we will notify you immediately. if the item can be repaired, replaced or reimbursed we will take appropriate steps. Any insurance claims will be filed when appropriate. 

  3. Will Maidtopia Cleaning Services bring supplies and equipment?

    Maidtopia Cleaning Services, LLC will bring our own supplies and equipment. We do not offer bleach as a cleaning supply, however, if a customer does provide the product we have no issue using it within the home. All supplies used are general household products.

         If you like for us to use your preferred supplies, so you will have complete control of the products used in your home. We recommend that you have the following basic supplies:

    • Floors: Pine-Sol or Fabuloso.
    • Bathroom: Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover, Tylex or Clorox Clean Up, Comet and Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
    • Kitchen: LYSOL Multi-Surface Cleaner, Easy Off, 409 Cleaner & Soft Scrub (Bleach Cleanser)
    • General: Murphy Oil Soap Wood Floor Cleaner, Windex & Fantastik (Orange Action), and LYSOL® Multi-Surface Cleaner.
    • Other: Terry White Towels, Blue Micro-fiber Towels, White Paper Towels, Trash Bags & Scotch-Brite (Sponges)
    • Equipment: Vacuum, Duster, Mop, Broom & Dustpan (Our team will always have this equipment available)

    The following items are recommended for wood floors and marble or granite surfaces.

    • Specialty Items: Bona X Wood Floor Cleaner (Swedish Formula), & Bona X Hard
    • Surface Cleaner (Marble & Granite Surfaces).

    Please be advice that these are recommendations only. If you feel you would like to use different products or non-branded products, please do so. In addition, you do not have to purchase any product if you feel is not necessary. However, this is a very basic cleaning supply list and if you don’t have a particular product, it might affect the quality of your cleaning visit. Please leave cleaning supplies on the kitchen counter.

  4. What should I do before the maid arrives?

    In order to provide you with a high quality service, we ask you to take a few minutes the night before to pick up personal clothing, toys and other household items.

  5. Will Maidtopia Cleaning Services work with my pet in the home?

    Maidtopia Cleaning Services is pet friendly and we have no problem cleaning with pets in the house; however, for safety reasons we ask for your pets in a safe place. Please remember that we are coming in the home with cleaning supplies and most pets are curious.

    Additionally, please keep in mind that our staff will not pick up any feces or any type of bodily liquid for safety reasons. If there is an excessive amount, the entire section will not be cleaned. If a small amount, they will clean around the item to accomplish the cleaning.

  6. What happens if I am not home or I need to reschedule?

    Maidtopia Cleaning Services will always work in making all necessary adjustments to your schedule. Also, If your scheduled cleaning falls on the observance of a major holiday, we will contact you to reschedule your service. If you need to reschedule just give us a call no less than 2 business days before your cleaning day. Rescheduling within 2 business days of your cleaning will incur in a $30 rescheduling fee.

    We will send out a courtesy email the day before your service as a reminder of upcoming services. The email is not intended as a reminder to avoid the fees, as it is sent out the day before. In order to avoid the reschedule fee, please contact our office 2 business days prior to your service date.

  7. What happens of Maidtopia Cleaning Services is unable to enter my home?

    If we are unable to enter your home, you will incur a lockout fee of $30. Maidtopia Cleaning Services will attempt to contact you via the numbers we have on file, email, or any other method available and will wait on the property for approximately 15 mins before it is considered a lockout.

    To prevent lockouts, we have some customers that would like to supply a key for furture use of entry to their home. The key will be assigned to a cleaner for the cleaning service and if that cleaner is out for the day the key will be reassigned to subsitute cleaner for that day. The key will be assigned a numerical number for reference and will be secured in a lockbox when not in use. Please keep in mind there are occassions your cleaner may not reach our office before the end of business day, we do require that key to be returned the next day during normal business hours. As a company, we prefer not to have customer keys on hand but will work with each customer to fit their needs as best as possible.

    ** Please note that once a year we hold a key destruction event. This means that any key that has in inactive status will be destroyed. The inactive key will be held for a 1 month period and if account remains inactive the key will be placed on a destroy list for an additional month. During our destruction event, the key will have our company key tag removed, this key tag only hold an assigned number that corresponds to your account. We then cut the key into three pieces and hold the pieces for an additional two weeks. They are then discarded at a scrape metal facility with no company association to safeguard the key pieces. The distruction event is held on the discretion of Mangement but it is always towards the end of a calander year.

    If you would like your key returned, we will request the customer to specifiy which method they would like the key to be returned. The can be dropped of, picked up or mailed. If mailed, we will wrap the key in bubble wrap and place in a bubble envelope and dropped off at the United State Post Office.

  8. What happens if I am not happy with the service?

    Maidtopia Cleaning Services offers a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to all its clients. If you are not satisfied with our service, call us within 24 hours and we will re-clean your home until you are 100% satisfied. Failure to notify our office via phone or e-mail within the 24 hour period will void the guarantee. We cannot issue refunds for the service, but we will ensure your service is up to your standards. If your home is scheduled for a re-clean, it must be scheduled and completed within the first 48 hrs after the original cleaning was completed.


  9. How do I pay for services?

    Maidtopia Cleaning Services accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Payment is due the day of the cleaning once all work is completed. We do not accept checks as a form of payment.

    Please note, we must have a credit card on file to complete any and all bookings. If a customer calls to book/schedule a service but does not provide a credit card/form of payment, then the service will be not allowed to be assiged a date or cleaning personal.

    No Refunds are offered.

    Should the customer fail to meet the payment terms of the service/customer agreement, we will have the right to retain a third party collection agency. The customer will be responsible for the collection cost or legal fee, in addition to amount owned.

  10. What if I need to cancel my service?

    Simply call or email our office with the cancelation request. Please be advised that if you have a recurring service, you are required to have a minimum of three cleanings to cancel with no fee or if you cancel before the third cleaning is performed you will be subject the a cancelation fee. If you sign up for a one time service and cancel after booking you will be subject to a cancelation fee. The cancelation fee is $50. **Special conditions apply and are considered on a case by case situation. Please refer to your Terms of Service email.

  11. What if my home has high ceilings, how high will you be able to reach?

    Some homes have at least one chandelier or vaulted ceiling fan that we cannot reach by hand. We do not offer chandelier cleaning at extreme heights. Our staff is only required to clean maxium 8 feet or a reachable area from a two-step ladder.

  12. What happens when my cleaner is out for the day or there is a change in scheduling?

    We as a company have a full staff of Maids as opposed to an individual. As a company, we try to assign a regular cleaner to the account and always offer a substitute.

    On that rare occasion, an assigned cleaner may request to be off for scheduled appointment or at times for a last minute call-in due to illness a different cleaner will be assigned to the home. As a company, we always have a back-up/substitute cleaner to accomidate for the day/route. We will always to try to send the same cleaner to your home, this allows for a consistant cleaning with one staff member. On that rare occasion when a cleaner is out for the day, we will notify you of the change to the route. If a customer does request a schedule change, please be advised there is a high probability that a different cleaner will be assigned to the home for that day.

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Move In/Out Services or Make Readies

  1. How do I prepare for a Make Ready service?

    There is nothing more streesful then moving and Maidtopia Cleaning Services understands the time contraints that coming with moving. Our only requirement is to have the home completely vacant to the service to be considered a Make Ready and for the utilities to be on. All items left behind will be considered trash and placed in trash receptacle.

    If your utilities are off you will be charged a $25 inconvenience fee. In addition, you might be subject to be re-scheduled for a different day. Re-scheduling fees will apply. – Please let us know and we will work with you in regards to unexpected situations.

    Furniture & Belongings: If you are still moving in/out during the cleaning you might be subject to a $25 inconvenience fee. In addition, we will be unable to extend our 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Anything left behind will be considered trash and remove from the property (Excluding large furniture).

  2. Can I use a 3hr. Personalized Maid Service for a Make Ready?

    No. We ask to please let us know you need a Make Ready service at the time of booking. We will not honor our 24hr satisfaction guarantee for a Personalized Maid Service used during a Make Ready. If the location is considered a Make Ready, either (a.) you will be subject to an additional Make Ready fee to upgrade to a Basic Make Ready or (b.) we will not able to perform any service and will vacate the property and your account will be subject to additional fees such reschedule or cancelation fee.

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Gift Certificates

  1. How do I purchase a Gift Certificate?

    Simply give us a call at 512.619.5237 or send us an email. We will be happy to process your request.

  2. When will my gift certificate expire?

    Once the gift certificate is processed, the expiration date will be on the certificate. Please check your certificate for date.

  3. What do I do when my gift certificate expires?

    Please contact our office and we will try to see if ther certificate can be used at face value or if it is expired.

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Living Social/Groupon/Angies List Vouchers

  1. How many vouchers can I purchase?

    There is a limit of one per household. More vouchers can be purchased as gifts.

    Voucher cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

  2. How do I schedule a Voucher?

    Please call our office at 512.619.5237 or email us at [email protected] for scheduling. All schedulings are required to be at least 2 weeks in advance and subject to availability.

  3. What type of work is applicable during the service?

    All work is valid for residential locations only. All work excludes ladder work and no make ready services. Please visit for more information on the Personalized 3Hr Service. 

    ****Vouchers may NOT be used for a Make Ready Service. A Make Ready service would be a home in which the resident is moving in, moving out, or a home that is completely empty of furniture and belongings. If the voucher is redeemed for a Make Ready Service, we will not be able to complete the 3 HR Cleaning in lieu of a Make Ready: either (a.) you will be subject to an additional Make Ready fee to upgrade to a Basic Make Ready or (b.) we will not able to perform any service and will vacate the property and your voucher will be subject to additional fees such reschedule or cancelation fee.

    Please keep in mind that this service is valid only for 3 hours of maid service with one maid or 1.5 hours of maid service with two maids. Scheduling subject to availability.

  4. How does the service work?

    The voucher is valid only for 3 hours of maid service with one maid or 1.5 hours of maid service with two maids. All services must be redeemed during a single visit by same household. Please visit our 3hr Personalized Maid Service page for more information.

  5. What if I need to reschedule my service?

    We will be happy to reschedule your home with the appropriate notice. Simply give us a call at 512.619.5237 or send us an email at [email protected] two business days before your scheduled service to avoid the cancelation fee. If a reschedule request is received after the 2 business day minimum requirement there will be a $30 rescheduling fee added to the account. Additionally the voucher will be subject to forfeiture.

  6. What other charges is the account subject to?

    The only other charge applied to the account is the sales tax, as it is not included on the voucher purchase. No other fees will be associated with a regularly booked voucher. Please keep I mind that a reschedule/lockout fee will be applied to the account when required. 

    Gratuity are not included.

  7. What is the service area valid for voucher?

    We offer service to Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, Hutto, Lakeway, Buda, Kyle and San Marcos. Distance restrictions apply; service area includes a 20-mile radius of zip code 78758; call 512-619-5237 with questions. Please visit for mileage fee information.

    ***At this time San Marcos does not have a mileage fee. This will expire on 02/28/15.

  8. What if I do not provide a Personalized Cleaning List with my priorities?

    Upon arrival, we ask the Personalized Cleaning List to be provided to the cleaner. If there is no list, please be advised that cleaner will perform the Standard Service with in the 3hr time period. If time permits after the performing the Standard Service items, we will perform as much of the Deep Cleaning Service to complete the 3hrs.

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